Iran 2016

Ilias K. Serpanos

Day 1

Arrival early in the morning (13th Aug).
Transferred to hotel & Rest.
Omid Hotel
No.20. Nosrat-e Sharghi, 16 Azar street, Keshavarz Blvd.

Day 2

Archaeological 1140 & Islamic Art Museums.
Golestan Palace.
Grand Bazaar of Tehran.
 Jewellery Museum. 
Omid Hotel

Day 3

homeini 0839-0917
Hazrat Masoumeh holy shrine 1045 - 1236
Historical houses of Brugerde and Tabatabae.
Sultan Ahmed Khan Hamam. 1510 - 1715
Fin Garden. 1355 1455
Lunch 1715-1830
Grande Bazaar @ Kashan 1839-1927
Abyaneh Hotel 2040

Day 4

UNESCO recognized village of Abyaneh.
Jame mosque. Cultural Museum.
Mesr Desert.
Mesr Guesthouse
Do camel riding.

Day 5

Observe the beautiful sunrise.
0915-1020 Salt Lake 1030
Qanat in Bayaziyeh.
Khane 2had Hotel

Day 6

Kharanagh village.
Shaking minaret.
Alexander prison.
12 Imam Tomb.
Old city streets.
Jam-e- Mosque. Water Museum.
Amirchamaq complex.
Bazaar-e-khan old Bazaar.
Zoroastrian Fire temple.
The Tower of silence.
Khane 2had Hotel
Boulevard Assi Zade Lane | Sangerizi, Yazd,

Day 7

0900-1035Holy Chak Chak.1205-1251
Narin castle (the oldest mud brick castle in Iran).
Ice- house. Pigeon House.
Caravan Sarai. Caravansarai "Shah Abbasi".
Zeloo Museum
Dowlat Abad Garden1630-1640
Khane 2had Hotel


Narin Qaleh ( Narin Castle )

Day 8

Meymand en route
Ganj Ali Khan complex (Bath & Bazaar)
Jame Mosque.
Gavashir Hotel

Day 9

Mausoleum of Shah Nematollah-e-Valli
Shahzadeh Garden (UNESCO Site) Rayen Castle.
Gavashir Hotel

Day 10

Drive to Shiraz
Karim Khan
Roodaki Street, Shiraz,

Day 11

Nasirol Molk Mosque.
Narenjestane Qavam garden
The Tombs of Hafez.
Pars Museum.
Karim Khan

Day 12

Karim Khan Zand Palace.
Vakil Complex (Vakil Mosque, Vakil Hamam, Vakil Bazaar).
 Koran Gate.
Marvel at mirror decoration of Ali ebne hamze Holy Shrine
Karim Khan

Day 13

Persepolis ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (UNESCO Site).
Rock tomb of Naqsh-e-Rajab and Naqsh-e-Rostam.
Atigh Hotel
No 30, 37th Alley, Ebn-e-Sina St, Shohada Sq, Esfahan

Day 14

Imam Square (Ex. Naghshe Jahan Sq.) and Imam Mosque.
Ali Qapou Palace.
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.
Chel Sotoon Palace Zayande roud river bridges (Siose and Khaju Bridge).
Atigh Hotel

Day 15

Jame Mosque.
Vank cathedral Church.
Atigh Hotel

Day 16

Early in the morning drive to Hamedan.
Alisadr Cave the unique phenomena in the world.
Ganjname (UNESCO Site).
Shir-e Sangi (the Stone Lion).
Parsian Hotel

Day 17

Dervish Monastery of Gonbad-e-Alavian.
Esther & Mordecai Tombs (the most important Jewish pilgrimage site in Iran).
In the afternoon drive to IKA for your return flight.
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