Izakaya Masa Japanese Restaurant

star4.6 ·
place928 Fort Stockton Dr C109, San Diego, CA 92103, United States
phone+1 619-542-1354


Colby Henderson

Pros- The menu has some unique items such as beef tongue and spicy jellyfish. They also have generous portions for the rolls. The waiting staff was very friendly. Cons- First and foremost, I had to wait 45 minites for a seat. The sushi has that slight fishy flavor which to me indicates the fish is not that fresh. The rolls were actually quite massive to the point where a normal person would need to take two bites per piece. Also, they would not prepare beef tongue for me, apparently they said it would take too long to prepare. I will not revisit this place when I am in San Diego again.

Everard Castaneda

Relatively authentic from my experiences at izakayas in Japan. Of course there are slight differences to cater to the western palate. And since ramen is the new bacon these days, I have to mention that their ramen is underrated next to places that market themselves as ramen restaurants. Yes the wait times can sometimes be a little long depending on the time and day, but I don't believe in docking stars to restaurants because the ratio of people who want to eat there and their capacity don't match up. If it's a good place to eat then expect a wait..or stay home and cook. Just an opinion. I also don't think (generally speaking) people know what izakayas are to begin with. They're not really a Japanese restaurant in that sense. They are a sort of drinking place with certain types of Japanese food to eat while you're doing all that drinking. Akin to a pub and 'pub food'..except so much better. Now order a Sapporo and some takoyaki and let the good times roll.


I have eaten here many times and love it. The ramen is excellent and so is the sushi. Don't let the small interior or location make you think twice. The service is always very good. The late hours are great too.

Khoa Nguyen

Great place for authentic Japanese. I like their cozy Mission Hills place, but it can get packed pretty quickly. Every time I've gone here in the last its been pretty busy and we had to wait. Most of the food is pretty good. I'm partial to the ramen and the usual hot bowls but I've seen other menu items and it all looks good.

Guilherme Farina

Went there for a late dinner with my wife. The place is small and cozy. Really good food! I had a wonderful Nabeyaki Udon. I tried their steam Siu Mai dumpling and it's not good. I mean, it has a nice taste but definitely it's not what a real dim sum tastes. Their gyoza is very good! Good and kind service, totally recommend it.

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