St Bartholomew the Great

star4.8 ·
placeCloth Fair, London EC1A 7JQ英國
phone+44 20 7600 0440


Mark Paulda

by far, my favourite church in london. the normandy architecure is splendid

Mark Paulda

my absolute favourite church in london. the simple beauty is hands down the best. one gets a "feeling" of spirituality here

Paul Palmer

Great coffee shop located in the church with excellent coffee and cakes. Very friendly service, they also serve lunch as well.

Sue Anderson-LaCoy

While on an Original London Walk, we stopped here. So glad we did! If I had gone past on my own, I would never have gone thru the gateway. I was totally enchanted with this church and every time I get to London, I go back, just to sit and contemplate and soak in all the atmosphere. One of the most peaceful places I have ever been. A real jewel.

Patrick Taube

Black-and-white, positively ancient and spooky tiny church with a pretty good coffee shop in the garden. It looks a bit out of place with the strong Normandy architecture, yet that's what makes it so charming.
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