Wieliczka Salt Mine

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placeDaniłowicza 10, 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland
phone+48 12 278 73 02


Julian Engel

This was simply one of the best tours of my life. In a fun way you learn about the history of Poland and specifically Wieliczka while exploring the old mine. The tour goes over a few hundred steps through the biggest (world record holder) and most beautiful underground salt chapel to an interactive 4d cinema. There's something for every age, be it small children or older generations. If you're feeling adventurous, go on the geological tour to see the deeper levels and salt caves. This is really a must see attraction in Wieliczka. Guides are available in multiple languages and take around 2-3 hours.

See Ming Jie

This place is integral to the history of Poland (Polska) and should be visited by all travelers. Tourists can visit 3 of 9 levels of the salt mine, walking through the same tunnels that miners have done so before. The tunnels are reinforced with wood, so it's very safe. There are multiple chapels in the mine, beautiful and symbolic of the religious history of Polska.

Quan Nguyen

I was a bit disappointed with the trip taking into account the long journey, long time waiting to buy the ticket in cold weather and the entrance fee. The church there is very nice to see indeed, but many others things are obviously remade. Is it worth a visit? I think it depends, but make sure to buy the ticket before to avoid waiting.

Chris Eio

A must-see when spending time in Krakow. I was blown away by this place. The tour begins with a walk down a very long flight of stairs and then you are taken through three different levels, ending up 101 m below the surface. The environment is extremely comfortable with a constant temperature, no matter what it is on the surface, and the air feels so clean. Visitors must go on a tour and English tours go every half hour for those turning up at the mines on their own. However, we went on an arranged tour from Krakow and our guide was highly entertaining. The only downside to going on a group tour was that we didn't get enough time to enjoy the final level at the end. I highly recommend this and would definitely go back to see it again, given the chance.

Steven Nathaniel

We had visited Auschwitz earlier in the day so (with respect) we really needed something to lighten the mood. The salt mines certainly delivered that... we went from seeing evidence of inhumanity at its worst to seeing some of the wonderful things humans can do when differences and culture are embraced. The guide was brilliant. Very knowledgable and amusing.

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