Geneva Hostel

star3.3 ·
placeRue Rothschild 28, 1202 Genève, 瑞士
phone+41 22 732 62 60


Valérian Schaack

It's a youth hostel, so you never expect much. The reception was fast and welcomig and the facilities were clean and secure. But the interior looks like crap and the cantine doesn't even try to look decent.

Rory Watts

If you're reading this, it's likely you are going to be staying here anyway. There isn't really anything else in this price range in central Geneva. Having said that, let me reassure you that 'it's fine'. Some of the one-star reviews here seem to be a little dramatic. It does not smell like balls, it is not covered with ominous warnings of 'thieves' (there are some). I stayed here for seven nights, and were I to need to stay somewhere for cheap again (and there was nothing on couchsurfing), I'd stay here again. Let me try and provide some information on what to expect. - Either get to breakfast early, or get there late (6.30-7am or after 8am). The peak hour will have you standing in a line for 10-15 minutes if the place is full. - The staff there work long hours, and they have to deal with a lot of crap. So be polite and be considerate, but make sure that they remember you have asked them a question, otherwise they might get sidetracked. - If you want somewhere quiet to work, try upstairs in the reading room. It's in the older building, where you would go for the laundry, but on the top floor. There is a wifi router in there too. - If you are particular about clean bathrooms, try the bathrooms which aren't dedicated to a floor. This means the ground floor bathrooms after you enter with your keycard, and near the laundry. The other thing I feel I should mention, is the dynamic can be particularly odd. At any point in time during my stay, there age range was from 14 - 65. High school students and frugal conference goers use this hostel, so if you are aiming to meet a large amount of like-minded party goers, you might be mistaken. But yeah, I'd stay again.

Ashley Harris

Eww Ewww Ewwwww! I stayed here for one night then checked out because of the conditions. There was no AC so it was extremely hot. The lobby smelled like balls and sweaty armpits. There were two visible BED BUGS on the ceiling and I was placed on the top bunk! Noooo! The cleaning lady/cafeteria lady came into the room after someone left, folded up the blanket that person had been sleeping on for days, and just used a towel to dust off any debris on the bed. Disgusting! Lord knows how many people have been sleeping on that dirty blanket. Where is the sanitation! The breakfast was blahhh and the internet sucked. The whole experience felt like I was in prison. It was awful! BEWARE!

James Pearson

Quite basic rooms (although my one had a balcony), but the food was pretty good, and there was free wifi too.

Puneet Rao

I stayed here for three nights with two of my friends. Checkin was quick and good, rooms are very small. The worst part of this hostel is insecure feeling, everywhere you go you will see posters saying beware of thief’s. My worst fear came true very next day during breakfast in canteen (Full of CCTV Camera’s) somebody has stolen my jacket with my credit card and 50 Eruo inside it. I immediately reported the matter to officials there. The person in charges asked me to wait as his colleague who was supposed to come at 8 in morning has not yet reported on his desk. They made me wait for good 2 hours. At 10 AM finally the person responsible came to his desk (he was 2 hour late for his work) and when I explained him the matter and requested him to check CCTV footage he refused to help me and when I insisted he started talking in very harsh and angry tone. I asked him to give number of his manager which he declined to share. It was in their hand to catch the thief but they never wanted to catch him, this gives me suspicion that their staff is involved in all these regular thefts and they do everything to protect them. The guys working in kitchen are also equally rude, they don’t have proper signs in place and if by mistake you forget to put used plates or spoons in place they will start shouting on you in public (in front of 100 odd people) I will recommend everyone reading this to avoid this hostel, this is manage by group of few very rude people. DONT GO
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