Niketown London

star3.6 ·
place236 Oxford St, London W1C 1DE英國
phone+44 20 7612 0800




Sharon Main

The Staff in this store are rude and inattentive. An example of this is that we were looking at a top for my husband and there was no staff around that looked at all interested in helping us find his size that was not on the rack. We then found the size down on the mannequin so...we took it off to try it on. We then immediately had two staff members appear from nowhere and a tall, male, fair haired 20 something ( kicking myself for not getting his name) very aggressively advise us that the mannequin display items were not for sale and that we should have asked for assistance - pointing then to a surly looking girl staring down at some sort of stock device in her hand. He actually removed the top from my husband and marched it straight back to the mannequin as if his life depended on it. He was rude, aggressive and completely out of order. I advised him of this and that he had potentially lost a sale. I had already spend £120 upstairs in the women section on some Nike Airs and if i hadn't out them straight on after purchasing them I would have taken them back for a refund at this point. The jumped up jobsworth could have been a lot politer and customer focused in his dealing with us and we will not be going back to this store.

zac lennie

The 2 stars are for the staff as they were very helpful and more than happy to help. What pisses me off about this place is that I wanted to get my kids new trainers (aged 6 & 2) and in the whole shop of god knows how many floors is a little shelf with about 8 shoes on it. I mean really!! This is the "flag ship store" and yet I'm told by a member of staff "GO TO JD SPORTS ACROSS THE ROAD THEY HAVE A BETTER SELECTION".....what??? Better than Nikes own flag ship store??? Surely not! But yeah. I was expecting to find a massive selection of kids trainers but it wasn't to be. I had trekked through the poring rain, paid for parking and wasted my lunch break only to return home empty handed and ashamed to 2 disappointed children. I now must continue the search online. Which is hard for us old school guys. So in short, unless you wanna spend a fortune on gym clothes, don't bother......or just go to your local JD apparently.

Snead Beast79

Nice shop however spoilt it with music that could burst your eardrums, i am a big fan of music but not music that loud. The shop is also very warm inside and i was struggling to survive with the combination of the heat an the music. I was really excited to go to the shop but i was thoroughly disappointed with my experience today. Once i was out the store i had a terrible headache. Also the staff could be somewhat more welcoming.

Cosmin Gabriel Lita

Stunning experience made by Nike. The second floor has a more detailed showroom made of glass. Friendly staff that are really helpful and well prepared. You also have computers to make your own design.
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