Koganei Park

star4.4 ·
place1 Chome-1-13-1 Sekinochō, Koganei-shi, Tōkyō-to 184-0001日本
phone+81 42-385-5611


Simon Yates

Excellent suburban park with great, free facilities that they appear to be spending money on to keep up to date. Unlike many parks in Tokyo people are encouraged to use the open areas as much as they like and there are loads and loads of open areas. It's probably the most accommodating park in Tokyo but suffers in reputation a little bit from its location outside of town.

Sandro Mathys

The nicest park I've ever visited in Tokyo or Japan. Other than most, it's in excellent condition while having a very natural feeling. Don't expect perfectly mowed lawns and perfectly arranged flower beds. Instead, there's lots of shadow spending trees and wide green spaces to play ball or frisbee. Lots of benches and some tables invite to take a peaceful break. The bicycle tracks are just as popular as the other paths are for jogging. The flowers in a some garden beds close to the west gate are taken care of by local volunteers.

Nathan Gildart

I love this park. The architectural museum is great. Loads of open space and play or picnic areas. Access from the station is by bus and sometimes slow due to traffic.

Hide Waka


Akio Hatanaka

広くてステキな公園。草ソリの斜面が素晴らしいと思う。遊び場は大きな子がたくさん派手にやってるから、小さい子には少し心配。 でも、とてもイイところ!

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