Brophy Bros.

star4.1 ·
place119 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93109美國
phone+1 805-966-4418


Carrie Hendrix

Initially looking forward to the dining experience. My husband and I checked into the waitstaff and informed hostess we had a service dog. We had a glass of wine in the bar below, headed upstairs when our buzzer went off 20 minutes later. My husband was scolded by the manager who informed him about the restarurant's rule about his 5 lb. service dog, who must remain on the ground, even thought she is trained to remain quiet in a chair beside him. He was also told that the dog should not be sniffing at the food, which she is trained not to do. After being embarrassed, we left the restaurant to find another place for dinner. We stopped in the bar below to finish the $8.25 glass of wine my husband had already purchased. The manager followed us down and told us we could only stay for my husband to finish his wine. After many words, the manager finally kicked us out, and my husband didn't even get to finish his wine. I was thoroughly embarrassed and left quickly. We walked right next door, and we're able to eat with our service dog at Chuck's Waterfront Grill and we're treated very kindly by the hostesses and waitstaff. I would recommend this place over Brothy Bros. any day!

Brian Cardoza

First, hungover server would much rather tall loudly to her friend about her failed one night stand rather than even try to pretend to give good service. Second, poor quality food was overpriced. There was zero fresh seafood for a seafood restaurant in a harbour. Recommend to skip. Anywhere else is better.

Patrick GOREZ

Symply a great sead food restaurant... Noisy ok, but so friendly !!! And so good !

Jonathan Miller

Crowded and tight but good food. Steamed clams and steamed mussels were very fresh.

Jack Clark

Clam chowder was just ok. Service deplorable. What should I expect eating at the bar. He would rather BS with friends than take our order or present our check...JPMOff
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