West Thumb Geyser Basin

star4.6 · flag5
placeYellowstone National Park, WY 82190美國
phone+1 307-344-7381


Okan Sakar

Great place. It was the first place we visited in the park. Just next to the parking lot easy to travel you can also see the lake..

Hoon J

멋진 하늘과 구름. 그리고 탁 트인 끝없는 호숫가에서 보는 간헐천은 다른 간헐천과는 또다른 맛이 있더군요. 멋진 풍경과 더불어 호숫가에 가이저! 다른 곳은 몰라도 이곳은 꼭 추천합니다. 옐로스톤에서 꼭 가야할곳 중 하나입니다! 강추!

Vincent Rebetez

West Thumb Geyser Basin est un petit bassin. Mais il contient quelques très belles piscines très colorées. Il a également la particularité de se trouver juste au bord du Yellowstone Lake, ce qui change des autres bassins.

Ryan Allison

Get here early and enjoy minimal crowds in a really nice setting. Having some of these geysers right next to and even in the lake makes this a unique and gorgeous spot. A few of the thermal features are especially impressive, such as Black Pool (the photo attached to this review). The size and color of this pool, with a backdrop of the lake itself, is so very cool. And yes, it isn't as grand as, say, Grand Prismatic, but this is a must visit in Yellowstone.

Trevor Hooper

Great spot to have a picnic and enjoy the lake.

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