Melbourne River Cruises

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placeVault 11, Banana Alley Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000澳洲
phone+61 3 8610 2600


Sharon Mawby

So on the Boxing Day holiday the 12:30 cruise departed at 1pm. Queuing to board and the system of counting on by mobile phone was all very loose. By the time we docked in Williamstown we were advised the return boat at 3:30 would leave at 4 and another bigger boat at 4:30. The 4 o'clock arrived at 4:15 and again all semblance of a queue disappeared as people thought they wouldn't be one of the 136 allowed on board. Again the counting by mobile phone and then a check on the numbers on board. We were informed that we were over by 8 and therefore 8 people had to choose to disembark. 2 people got off and the our family of 4 did so the another pause whilst 2 more finally elected to disembark all applauded by everyone else! By this stage the next boat was expected at 5. Fortunately we did end up leaving at 4:45 but not before one of the crew had a quick cigarette at the front of the boat with the smoke blowing in to the passenger area! Whilst I can understand it was a busy day, having been on cruises in other places I do think some of the systems in place need reviewing for safety and organisation

Mick SD

Did a 3 hour dinner cruise on a voucher ($89) and the first attempt was a bit of a farce, as the boat broke down and we remained at the dock where we had dinner and drinks. To the credit of MRC they did not give us any issues (unlike many greedy businesses out there) when we contacted them a few months later (when everyone was able to get back together) for a free rebook. Second time round everything was good. The boat was nice, the crew friendly and attentive, the cruise showed us a different side of Melbourne and allowed some of the past-rowing "legends" in the group relive their glory days on the Yarra. We had no issues with the toilets or cleanliness generally. The food was surprisingly good, if you have ever had dinner at the Comedy Club or on Puffing Billy or one of those ghost tours, you will know how bad a pre-paid dinner can be. We were pleasantly surprised with the mains and the desserts, no one complained or was left hungry - in fact we couldn't finish all the desserts. Special mention to MRC's bookings coordinator Kelly - who was just fantastic to deal with and who provided great customer service.

Chris Dawson

What a joke, we were waiting in the rain for a ferry that had been cancelled (despite checking 2 hours before that it was going to be there) that they didn't bother to inform anyone about. Worthless.

Cedric Chan

The volt captain was very helpful with all the info along the tour, toilets weren't operational however and nor was the on-board generator so tea and coffee was cancelled on board. The ships are a bit old and could do with a bit of renovation to improve the look; missing wood planks, peeling paint.

Derc Merc

The WORST experience of my life, boat was old and smelly, toilets did not work and staff could not give a stuff about service. Its a shame such a beautiful city can be ruined by such an experience, I though its 2016 not 1916! STAY AWAY!!!
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