Museum of Tomorrow

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placePraça Mauá, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20081-240, Brazil
phone+55 21 3812-1812


Brad Betts

This is a very important exhibition for every human on this planet. Does an amazing job of describing our place in the cosmos, and the preciousness of humanity, and the crisis we face. We must acre to save our species and out world,, and we must together.

osama yusuf

It is more of an art museum rather than a science museum. The building symbolizes modern architecture. It illustrates ideas for a bright future, focuses more on ideas than objects so it might not be suitable for everybody

Lily Sargent

Went on Tuesday (free entry), but unlike what it says on the website, it actually closes at 5pm so we weren't allowed in even though we got there about half an hour earlier! We thought it closed at 6pm, and based on other people saying you only need an hour or so there, we thought we'd check it out between about 5-6pm, so slightly disappointed! 😭 Still an awesome place to go though - it is very nice outside, and will attempt to go another time, just a lot earlier! 😝

Emanuel Panga

Interesting experience. The museum is in a modern building, focused on education and awareness about the Earth ecosystem. You will receive a card to interact with the touchscreen displays. Be aware to ask at the ticket buying point the card for english, otherwise you will get the default one in Portuguese and you will not be able to change the language on the display interface.

Carolina Werlang

The museum is beautiful. Beautiful exhibitions and great design and architecture. However, it didn't meet my expectations. I was expecting a science museum, where I could learn a little bit more about the country's contributions for science and technology – they induced me to that since there's a Brazilian satellite prototype outside the museum. It's not a science museum. It's art museum. All the installations have the only purpose of making you reflect about tomorrow's day. It's exactly what its name suggests. It's not surprising, although the design, as I pointed before, is well done and impressive. Another important question is: the amount of hours you spend entertaining yourself x the amount of hours you spend in queue. I've already visited many science museums around the world and never had to wait so long to see an exhibition. It's a small museum for such a large audience. I spent 2:30 outside in the queue, then when I finally got inside the building, we faced a huge queue for the cosmos exhibition. It's a nice experience, by the way, but I was expecting to see some REAL space stuff, so it wasn't worth the time for me. It's a nice museum, your eyes will be thankful, your brain won't mind that much.
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