DFO South Wharf Outlet

star4.1 · flag6
place20 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006澳洲
phone+61 3 9099 1111


Catriona McNaughton

Good for cheap shopping. Because it is outlet there's often not a lot of the most common sizes but if you hunt you'll get a really good deal. Parking is a bit pricey but the stores will validate for you and there's some nice places to eat nearby if you don't want to eat in the food court

Danielle Stevens

Had fun visiting this place, however I did go during a time when all the outside bars hadn't opened, so it made the place look dead quiet. Great location by the water, kind of a little like the concept of the E Shed markets in Fremantle, WA. Personally, for bargains, I preferred my experience at Spencer Outlet which just had a different vibe and better discounts. But it was great to visit as my first trip to Melbourne was all about sightseeing...

Alex Attard

Easy parking, although it's a bit expensive you get discount parking cards after purchases from stores. The range of shops is quite extensive and the prices are generally to good to turn down. I head here whenever I have some money to spend. I've found a coffee shop I love but we all have different tastes so I'll leave it up to you to find your favorites. Quote a few places to eat not just the usual take away junk either! Overall this is a good place for locals wanting a bargain and for tourists looking to see another Melbourne favourite.

Peter Lowden

Great place to shop. Too many shops to mention. Some great cafe's to stop for a bite to eat or just for a coffee. Spent all day here and spent way too much money as there are too many great deals to pass up.

Mike Rennie

A pretty good place to shop for a bargain, though the crowds and queues can be absurd, as are the prices for parking ($10). If you're not restricted in your ability to walk a Km or so, you'll actually save time parking in the surrounding streets and walking in vs being stuck in long queues in the carpark. Many of the stores have good deals if you know what usual retail and discount prices are, otherwise it's easy to be caught out by a 'sale' sticker which really isn't anything better than you'd find in a normal retail outlet elsewhere. Best to go in knowing roughly what you're looking for.

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