Lake lodge

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place1 Grand Loop Rd, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190美國
phone+1 307-344-7311


Willis Chung

This is the place you want to be in the Fishing Bridge/Lake Yellowstone Hotel/Bridge Bay Campground area if you want to get some connectivity to the outside world. You pay for WiFi here at the reception desk which allows you to connect one device for 1 hour/1 day/3 days (if I recall correctly). Price not unreasonable for any of the time periods, best deal being 3 days. Speed is meh, don't expect to watch any videos or download any apps/games. Fine for receiving and sending email. If you have an AT&T cell phone, no luck getting any connection in this part of the park. There is a spot to the north going towards Hayden Valley where you get a good look at a tower and 3 bars, but that's the only place in this quadrant of the park that AT&T works. The restaurant at Lake Lodge is quite nice, with a cafeteria style menu that rotates. Some higher end meals (prime rib) along with roast chicken, spaghetti and sausage. Friendly staff and a nice big room to eat in make it a fine place to eat and talk. There is a coin-operated laundry room here, with plenty of big, efficient, shiny new machines. This is a nice place to get the laundry done, check email, and grab a meal. Reception staff is friendly and helpful, too.

Amanda Wilkerson

Rustic lodge that gives the comforts I need. I'm not a "camper" and I don't sleep in a tent. So this is how I "camp." It is a nice little cabin (more like a four-plex) with two beds (very comfy) and windows that actually open. We had to use the heater at night since it got cold but we never missed AC. It was decorated with moose stuff and felt very cozy. We had a large tub and could park right outside the cabin. I loved it and would stay here again if given the chance.

Nicole Jacobs

Wat viel dit tegen! De cabin was zo slecht, is nodig toe aan renovatie. Raamkozijn en deur vallen bijna uitelkaar. Tocht aan alle kanten. Vieze afgeleefde douche en wasbak. Verwarming ziet er zo slecht uit die zou ik nog niet aan durven zetten. Geen koffie apparaat en wifi moet voor betaald worden. Het eten in de lodge was ook een tegenvaller, veel te duur voor vlees/vis uit een warmhoud bak. Het park is prachtig maar ik zou iets meer uitgeven aan de overnachtingsplaats.

Taran Wood

My family and I got what the receptionist called "rustic." What we didn't know was exactly how rustic our cabin was. The cabin was about 12 square feet, including the bathroom. The pipes behind the toilet would burn you if any hot water had been running from the cramped, scalding, dirty shower. The cabin was poorly insulated, and we regularly found ourselves freezing into the night. The sink was in the main area, which only had two single beds. The eating on the lodge area is overpriced. This place should not be fit for human habitation.

McKay Howard

It was incredibly beautiful, is all I have to say. The lodge sits right next to the lake and over looks a once in a life time view. The lobby was very comfortable and I even took a nap in one of the large chairs they have. The porch also has rocking chairs to sit on to watch the serenity.
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