Hlíd Hostel

placeHraunbrún, 660,, Reykjahlíð, Iceland
phone+354 464 4103



+++ DO NOT BOOK THIS HOSTEL +++ We booked the hostel several weeks ago and also specified our time of arrival (5 pm - 8 pm). After quite an eventful Journey in -7 degrees celcius, we arrived at the Hostel just to see nobody was at the reception or anywhere on the ground. First we didn't think anything bad, because on the locked door was a list with a few numbers to call, if nobody was there. Also it is not unusual for a hostel. BUT nobody answered the phone, eventhough we called all of the numbers at least once. We waited for nearly an hour for somebody to come or call us back. It was way to cold to wait any longer so we decided to find something new. ONE HOUR later a lady called us back, half-heartedly apologizing and asking us if somebody should pick us up as if we had waited for more than two hours in -7 degrees. No we already went to Vogafjos Guesthouse (who showed us great support and hospitality) and had to pay way more money than we originally wanted to, just because this lady didn't think it was necassary to do her job. Still, she didn't suggest paying the difference in price (which was more than 100€) and when I suggested it, she cut me off, said she could only apologize and hang up on me. So, if you want to wait in -7 degrees feeling completely alone, this is the hostel for you! If it would be possible we would give -5 stars.

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