Upper Antelope Canyon

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placeUpper Antelope Canyon, Arizona 86040美國


Mastru Juanne

Un posto che è da vedere assolutamente tra mezzogiorno e l’una.. nonostante il prezzo, che secondo me è troppo alto.. ricordate di prenotarlo con anticipo ( io sono andato in una galleria di foto del canyon dove vendono i tour organizzati, gentilissimi) e una volta saliti sul furgone mezz’ora e sarete la.. si ha beccato una stella in meno solo per le troppe persone che c’erano dentro.. 5 stelle vanno alla nostra guida Presley (noto Mario) che ci faceva vedere i punti da fotografare a naso in su... ah non state a fare mille foto.. godetevela

Alan Wong

Located by Page, AZ, the Upper Antelope Canyon is a must see for travelers and visitors. You cannot just drive there yourself, but need a guide to take you in. So plan ahead and join one of the tour running from Page, AZ where you will ride one of their trucks to the entrance and a guide will take you in. Comparing to the Lower Antelope, the Upper is flat and relatively wider with no climbing and stairs, something to consider if going with young ones or elders. You can join a regular tour or a photography tour. Regular tour only allows monopod while the "photography tour" allows you to use a tripod, but charge you twice as much.

Jubin Edachery

Upper Antelope Canyon is beautiful - you have to take a tour to get there. We went in winter which was less crowded but summer i hear is the best time to visit to see the sunlight dance. We visited lower antelope canyon right after which in my opinion is more beautiful. No restrooms here - so go before you start

Tsai Angel

上羚羊彩穴(Upper Antelope Canyon)👍👍👍在一片紅土沙漠中的這個狹窄峽縫中來一趟驚喜的旅程❤️❤️❤️羚羊彩穴是世界十大攝影景點之一,層層的紅土中狹窄的峽縫裡,因為日光照射之下展現出了超美的岩石線條,另外真的好不可思議的是日中當中下,外面是接近40度的高溫,但是走進峽縫裏在狹窄的岩縫中溫度卻是超涼爽的,讓我們感覺到好像置身冷氣房內的涼爽😁裡外溫度大約有15、6度的溫差,需搭專用的車出發前往,車程約15分鐘左右即可抵達,抵達到入口後走路進去,一趟路程原路來回大約要耗費1個小時

Sai CH

Never experienced such a beautiful and different natural landscapes. It's amazing to know how the canyon is formed over the years. Best place for photography and I recommend mornings would be better for the pictures. There are guided tours at this place if it's walk-in bookings, You have to come in early to book your slots, else you would be left behind where you can miss views in the mornings.I went in Navajo Guided tours, they charged me around 48$ , they take you in their vehicles to the canyon. There is parking facility at the tours camp.

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