Marseille Provence Airport

star3.6 ·
place13727 Marignane, France
phone+33 820 81 14 14


Stéphanie Costa

Average airport, the queue for the passport check is quite long and not very well organised. For every plane, people are still queueing when the final call is being made, so they always have to jump the queue to make it to the plane on time. This would be solved with more people checking passports or with having the passport check before getting on the plane as most airports do.

Tim Readings

Slightly bonkers regional airport. No trolleys baggage reclaim and some epic queues for hire cars in the busy season. Be prepared to wait.

Adam Thomas

Flew MRS to LHR on BA. Disorganized rental car return and security screening. Food options after security were few and low quality.

Beril İdemen

Unfortunately, this was the worst airport experience I've ever had. It is a primitive, inefficient place, with no rhyme or reason. We had to wait in a long queue to check-in our bags, only to realise that checking in and handing over your luggage are two different things in this airport. We then had to carry our luggage and wait in a similarly long queue to deliver it at another place. By this time we had been queuing for about an hour. Whatever duty free shops there are, are before, not after the passport control. Which means that had we spent time at the shops, we would have been even later at the next, and most formidable queue. This was the passport queue, in which hundreds of people were waiting and which moved extremely slowly. It took us another hour to get through this one and we realised towards the end that there were hadn't been more than four people working. With more than half of the passengers of our plane still in the queue, there was an announcement that boarding had started, so that a big number of people started rushing from outside the queue and were unceremoniously herded back. Finally out of passport check there were no toilets. We had to walk from the terminal to one of the two planes standing randomly outside and unsurprisingly, some passengers for the other plane just some 50 meters or so away boarded our one by mistake. I have never experienced anything as amateurishly inefficient as this at an airport. Simple common sense would enable the management of the airport to find solutions to these problems and possibly a bit of investement would enable them to combine check-in with the handing in of the luggage and thereby bring the airport, if not to 21st, at least to the 20th century standards.

Moe al-Shaibany

Very basic airport. Not very many facilities.
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