Karuizawa Prince Hotel ski resort

star3.9 · flag7
place日本〒389-0102 長野県北佐久郡軽井沢町軽井沢1016
phone+81 267-42-5588


Minnie Chou


Hannah Sharick

It was very crowded when we went. We had a lot of fun, but there were a few things I was disappointed with. First, the rentals were very expensive, but our kids, who has never been before, didn't really have a good place to practice. It seemed the only place was the bottom of the slopes. The other problem was that the kids play area was not only overpriced....adults should not have to pay to enter with their kids...it was very under staffed. There was a large jump house which our kids were excited to use, but as they were entering I realized that it was starting to deflate! There was not even a single person watching the entrance to make sure the door stayed shut, so it started to deflate with a lot of kids inside. The moms of course got the kids out and eventually a staff member arrived and got it to re-inflate, but not before telling the MOMS to watch and make sure the doors stayed closed. I was pretty shocked. We won't be going back, at least not with our kids.

Tyler Chan

Not recommended. Crowded, expensive, small and the snow quality was so-so. I might forgive this place if not for the fact that it was located in Japan where there are so many choices for something better in every category for everyone. One might argue that the small easy runs here are suitable for beginners; however, the large crowds and prices make this very prohibitive IMO. How can someone learn when they're panicking trying to constantly avoid being hit and then stuck in line all day waiting for the slow lifts? That and the cost of lift tickets + rentals are sure to leave a bad taste in their mouth should they consider skiing again in the future. Even if you want a casual ski experience with nice restaurants/hotels, etc., there are much better choices for that elsewhere that don't overcharge like they do here. (Karuizawa is known as a posh golf/ski/country getaway in Japan so they add big premiums on everything). Even if you are looking at proximity/ease of access from Tokyo, the traffic jams they get here due to the popularity are terrible which cancel out the whole proximity thing. There only benefit I could see is if you're more interested in going shopping at the nearby outlet or staying at a posh hotel and have tons of cash to blow.


7月にリフトに乗って上まで行ってみたが霧が発生して有効視界10m! そこで家族の写真をリフトの係員さんに撮ってもらったがバックは真っ白でどこの写真かわからないものになった。 上にはトイレはある。

Wuttitorn O

Plenty of lifts and the view was great. Ski areas are quite wide with varying degrees of difficulty. There are ski schools even for little ones and rental gears at reasonable prices. Snow quality is really good. If you dot plan to ski, you can also take a high speed lift to get to the top to enjoy the great view and then take the lift down.

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