Municipal House

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placenám. Republiky 5, 111 21 Praha 1, 捷克共和國
phone+420 222 002 129


Eduardo Garmendia Avendano

OJO con el camarero del Bar Americano. Nos timó vilmente, cobrándonos 2.500 coronas por tres vinos, dos copas de coñac y un whisky. Para colmo no nos dió ticket, sin duda para ocultar la tropelía.

Kazuaki Tani

チェコ人の建築技術、芸術、文化を結集して作られた記念的建造物。ムーハの作品で装飾された部屋には圧倒される(ムーハ美術館よりも良いのでは)。館内ツアー(要予約)には是非参加してほしい。 1階にはアールーヌーボー風装飾のカフェ、地下には大衆的な大食堂がある。どちらもそれほど高くないので、食事、休憩に利用するとよい。

ben brown

Good tour, great explanations of all the different themes and artworks in each room. Mucha room is stunning. Get the photography pass just for that. The Art Nouveau exhibit is good too, many other artists and neat clothing and glasswork. Ended the night with a Vivaldi orchestra concert, top notch

Eugene Mak

Take the guided tour - it's well worth it! A fantastic display of Cz architecture and history through the ages.

Anna Hautzinger

Art nouveau masterpiece. There are a few concert halls, which you can view while taking a tour. You can usually purchase day of tickets at the box office. There is a neat cafe on the ground level, as well as a beer hall in the basement. A fabulous example of a neat architectural style.
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