Tadanoumi Port

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place1 Chome-2-1 Tadanoumi Nakamachi, Takehara-shi, Hiroshima-ken 729-2316日本


Soul Mate

Very helpful and nice people working there. The only problem would be that not many parking spaces to sail to the Rabbit Island are available when holiday time. It is strongly recommend (almost a rule) not to being vehicles in, unless prior permission is obtained from the Holiday Villa management. The shops at the Tadanoumi people are extremely helpful.

M Daisuke


Jason Californa Archuleta

Here is a photo of the timetable in English. Five minute brisk walk from the station. There are a few snack type foods to buy here, which you may want to do as there are no food services on the island aside from the hotel restaurant. This place also has food for the rabbits if you did not bring your own. We did not see rabbit food for sale anywhere on the island. There is also a small luggage check here if you don't want to take it with you onto the island.


オシャレで綺麗になってました。これもウサギさんのおかげかな。 待合室は外に簡易テントが張ってあるだけでした。


7月3連休の初日昼前だったが特に並ぶことなく乗船することができた。 大久野島へはフェリーと客船があるが、夏で天候が良いならフェリーの方が多分快適。

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