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place冰島邮政编码: 660


Tawfiq Raji

I guess I better give Mother Nature 5 stars so she doesn't erupt on me one day! Really cool place, you literally see the Earth boiling and smoking. Be wary though, it smells interesting! Some people cannot handle it and throw up, while others soak it up thinking it's healthy. Just breath normally, wipe your shoes before you leave (since it's sulfur; you don't want orange streaks everywhere) and carry on.

Marc-André Plante

Nice site with lots of boiling mud pits and steaming columns of formaline. It smells like rotten eggs but they say it's good for colds and it's to bed expected after all! There are plenty of walking paths to get up close to all the phenomena! It was a little muddy while I was there but still worth the stop just off the main road. Some informative signs teach you how these are formed and how sulfur used to be farmed for gun powder.

Gian Carlos Maitelli

Experiência ímpar. Aquela lama borbulhando, andar por lá, e pensar que poderia afundar nos lamaçal hehe é louco!

Rico P.

Sehr spannend wie es dort aus dem Boden pfeift. Mit dem Schwefelgeruch sollte man hier durchaus rechnen. So wie an allen heißen Quellen.

nicola vassallo

Pozze sulfuree, vulcani di fango e fumarole. Un luogo marziano nelle terre d'islanda. Ma cosa non è ai limiti dell'"extraterrestre" in Islanda?

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