Center Wien Mitte

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place奧地利維也納邮政编码: 1030


P Kaitz

So here's the deal. I have to say that for me it was medicinal. I can go to sleep on coffee. Meth would slow me down. Is that right is that wrong? That's just a fact. Is it good or bad to use it? I'd like to say that if it doesn't cause another any harm, it's fine. The problem is this. To use it, you have to buy. Buying it entails the existence of a seller. Now you're contributing to some lack of order in society, and there are all kinds of ramifications. The social contract we're born into entails agreeing to abide by social norms. This is especially incontestable in a democracy, even indirect ones as prevail in the developed world. Even should a plurality of your fellow citizens who vote be conservative myopic bigots. I haven't voted since the Reagan-Carter contest, so I have little standing in the discussion. How to manage all this? Excellent question.

Mansour Saliba

Für mich als Landstraßer ist die mall heute nicht mehr wegzudenken. Es gibt hier alles, was man für den Alltag so brauchen kann. Praktisch ist vor allem der Mediamarkt, der Spar, der auch sonntags bis 23:00 geöffnet ist und die trafik, die zwar keine Fahrscheine verkauft, aber auch sonntags bis am Abend offen hat. Es gibt 2 Mann Filialen breite Auswahl and Gastronomie und das Finanzamt. Alles was man braucht eben.

Marie Glück

Great place. All you need when you just arrived in a big city. 2 train options to connect to airport. A local option and a tourist train options plus taxi, Hilton, shops, restaurants of all kind. McCafe, Starbucks and more...


Very nice place you have everything and all is familiar

barış tandoğan

From time to time extremely crowded. You will find everything you need here. Food, shopping, clothes, books etc. Connections to many transportation lines.
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