The Schmidt’s Commons

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place1001 N 2nd St #21, Philadelphia, PA 19123美國
phone+1 215-825-7552


Lcuddles228 Gans

I ate and had drinks at gunners run. I am trying to understand why would anyone put sugar covered onions on a quesadilla. It was awful. The shots we got where so small. Don't think I will go back there.

Jennifer Rowe

I went here for the bacon and beer fest. It was good all free food which was awesome and the beer selection was good. My only issues were I wish there had been a bit more sun coverage as I am very pale so I got a bit dizzy. And I wish there had been more of a selection of beer because while the ones they picked were good there wasn't much too pick from.

Andy Cook

This was a place built for bros and bro-culture. Every time I've been here there has always been at least one or two overly intoxicated people looking for self-inflation. It's a great location, which makes it all the more sad that the clientele is just a bunch of overly-privileged frat boys.

Dad Man

We come all the time and watch the movies we are thankful that they give them for free we always have a good time we watch the Christmas movie in the rain we were the only ones there it was so much fun my son loves it it's like being at the drive-thru movies I hope they do it all the time and I would like to see more than one movie a week it's a great time I hope more people will come to see it they played great movies old and new

Alex Collicott

I went one night when they had a live band. The band wasn't too bad. But they have a huge screen that was right above the stage. It was super bright and definitely took away from the band.
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