Grótta Island Lighthouse

star4.6 · flag3
placeIceland, Gróttuviti, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland
phone+354 595 9100


Trevor Warry

This was a great place to visit when the tide was out. It was so scenic and the wild birds fantastic. It was about an hour walk back into Reykjavík but interesting and picturesque all the way. We were lucky that the weather was good. It could be cold if the wind was blowing. We’d thoroughly recommend a visit.

Chris Bishop

Beautiful lighthouse in a lovely location. Decent walk from Reykjavik city centre but worth it. Can be a little bracing in the winter months but lovely views. Be careful of the tide as i imagine you can get cut off if it particularly high.

Vito plaia

This place is out of a story book. There is no path and most likely there will be no sun or light of any kind, so when you feel like your walking down the wrong alley ...then your in the right place. Looks like a good spot the northern there is a very affectionate Kat names Sonia guarding the place so be ready for some hugs and kisses from her.

Frank Chen

Fantastic location for photographing the Northern lights. Use the light house to find your focus. If you want to avoid the car headlights for your long exposure shots, you can go down to beach level by climbing down the rocks by the parking lot; just don't bang your camera in the process.

Clay Myers-Bowman

Perfect destination for a quick view of the North Atlantic or aurora borealis. Lots of cars come in and out of the parking lots here and on the road headed to the golf club down the beach...but still, you could have the whole place to yourself. It’s also the place that Bjork recorded one of her 360 videos. So cool!
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