Q-pot cafe

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placeJapan, 〒107-0061 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Kitaaoyama, 3 Chome−10, 北青山3-10-2
phone+81 3-6427-2626


Mariusz Kubiński

Oh boy, where do I even start! 1. We had to register, like weeks before coming. 2. We mixed up days and came on a wrong date, our fault, no biggie. Before we noticed its a wrong day we already went into line. Everyone was told we should be there 10 minutes before our registered hour. It was raining, no one let us in until exact hour. 3. We came again, this time correct date. Instead of letting us in, the staff came out to people standing in line and gave us a list to choose items we want to purchase. We could not see the items, we were not invited inside until we finished filling in papers, outside, seriously? 4. When inside, a staff person started talking to us in Japanese, unfortunately our language skill was not good enough to understand what she was saying, none of the staff knew English! Unthinkable seeing how many foreigners visit this place - in our time there were at least 4 Eng speaking people including us. 5. If it wasn't for a helpful woman next to us (hey if you're reading this, thanks a lot!) who knew English we would not know what they wanted of us, and boy you know what they wanted? 6. It seems that if we don't have Japanese address we could not pick up some of the items we selected while given the list outside, because they are sent, not given away at store. Of course no postal service outside of Japan available. Shame they did not mention that anytime during visit registration offer? Sigh.. Ya dessert itself was good, but you'd expect something this expensive being good, no? If you're SM fan, go ahead, always an adventure, but objectively speaking, this place has awful customer support. I sincerely hope someone will translate this to cafe's owner and they will improve their support.

Rick Ruin

Quit complaining about people not speaking English. You're visiting Japan where they speak Japanese. If you don't like it then stick to your English speaking countries.

Christine Klein

The food is exquisitely made and delicious! If there is a line though, be prepared to wait (and wait and wait) because the cafe is very small!

leo lee


Christine Wilson

Desserts are expensive but delicious.

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