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placeSt Pancras International, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QL英國
phone+44 344 811 8444


Mayumi Natsuyama

パリ行きのユーロスターに乗りました。ロンドンから行くには列車のほうが早くて便利です。 ただ、早めに行っても改札を入れませんので、駅構内のカフェで御飯を食べてギリギリまで待ちました。改札に行くと今度は荷物を空港のようにX線にかけるのですが、腰高の台に大きくて重いスーツケースを乗せなくてはなりません。一人では到底無理でスタッフは手伝ってくれませんので、後ろの親切な男性が上げてくれました。X線のコンベアをもっとフロア下に下げてもらいたいです。 その後、また待合室で待ち、列車に乗り込む時間が来たらアナウンスと表示がありますので、エスカレーターでホームに上がります。


Great food and service on train, but very horrible train manager (Uk side) I was traveling to France . Instead of finding solution, she left me with 2 babies and 2 luggages with no help at all. And was shouting on my husband who was upset to not having us any hand by Eurostar manager keeping saying we can decide cancelling my trip or leaving one luggage In London. Is that how à travel manager should give a nice image ? It is a shame that big companies like Eurostar allow people like that working for them and do not suggest any option. On that busy Holliday they do employ only 5 people for assistance based on first came first served. completely ridiculous. And for being a very regular traveller i can tell how bad I feel for the money I spend on each ticket. May think twice next time before booking.

Delia E

Booked a weekend in Paris, leaving Friday night coming back on Sunday, arriving at st Pancras on Friday only to learn that all the trains had been cancelled and for all eurostar customers to leave the station. It was not made clear what we should do and with hundreds of other passengers in the same predicament it was not easy to find someone to speak to. I payed 150 for the return ticket which is not exactly cheap and the next available train was showing as a Saturday afternoon train to arrive Saturday evening in Paris. My friend had payed for our accommodation that was unrefundable as they live just outside Paris but as they were not travelling on eurostar so although my train ticket is supposed to be transferable or refundable im sure it's going to be difficult to get any money back on the accommodation. Thank you eurostar for ruining mine and hundreds of other people's day and leaving me out of pocket.

Wouter Boeckmans

Check-in ten laatste 30min voor vertrek, dat wil zeggen: "je gaat minstens 30min met je vingers staan draaien terwijl je op de trein wacht, onvoldoende zitplaats, geen plek om je telefoon op te laden en 10min gratis wifi." Die ik dan maar voor deze review gebruik! :-)


パリ行きの電車を待ちながら私は認識した。 人生には絶望的に高い壁や分厚い壁にぶつかることも、越えようのない海峡があるだろう。 それならトンネルを掘れば良いのだ。 空を飛べば良いのだ。 技術革新で解決出来るだけのことは全てやるべきだ。 ナポレオンの時代に出来なかったことは2017年には2時間で実現出来る。
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