Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

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placeCascade Locks, OR 97014, United States
phone+1 541-308-1700


Dreamy G

One of the most awesome drive I have done! A must do when you are in Portland. The waterfalls are amazing! There is some trekking involved to see most of them. But its worth it. The only one that was hard for me to get to was the Oneonta Falls - the trail was a little too hard and one does get wet (that was not what stopped me). I would give 4-5 hours to see all the waterfalls. Drive carefully and park your car carefully also. And if you have 2 more hours then take the Larch mountain road to the Sherrard point. You will not regret it! It should be a clear day and you will have amazing view of the 5 top peaks around Portland.

Cheryl Sutton

Google Maps is showing you the location of the USDA building here. If you are trying to get to the famous waterfalls, what you want is to get off the 84 anywhere between exits 22-35 and then look for the 30 hwy. Stay on that and stop at the Women's Forum, Vista Point, and any of the waterfalls along that route. As for the USDA building itself, we went in and there was a lovely lady who worked there who pointed us clueless tourists in the right direction and we were able to enjoy all the pretty waterfalls and views that day, thanks to her help. A note to the folks at Google -- Your map/GPS is totally screwy in this area. This pin on this location should indicate the USDA building. We were coming from Portland and it said this pin was 20 minutes away. It was actually a 40 minute drive out from the city. Also, the pin kept screwing up and moving. At one point it told us to get off at Lewis and Clark Park.

Sam Behnam

Awesome if you like the nature. You can find many different activities. Be aware that this place can be very crowded

Michelle Hunt

The road noise is off the hook... The highway is 100 ft away and to top it off there is atrain running every couple hours in that 100 ft... No serenity in these woods =(

Benjamen Fischer

Sunday fun day no matter what time if the year!
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