Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

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placeHood River, OR 97031, USA
phone+1 541-308-1700


Amberlyn Storey

Would be a five star visit if not for the devastating damage caused by irresponsible people who caused a massive fire. So much is in a state of repair that it made things difficult. The bridge across the falls is closed. Some of the road is closed. Rock slides are everywhere as the vegetation that held it back was burned. Having seen the area several times before and now a few times after, I am saddened at such a wasteful loss. It will take many years to recover but props to the workers getting things done as quickly as they can. It is still a beautiful place and still worth it.

Elizabeth Hawkins

The fire last summer burned out a lot of the lower brush and greenery. The bottom of a lot of trees are blackened. It made me a little sad to see, but was also fascinating view as we drove through. Some spots had trees burned all the way up, but I think by next year, most of it will look green and lush again. Still a pretty drive now.

Franklin Walker

I forgot to mention in last review to dress accordingly for your visit to the Columbia Gorge. Oregonians are programmed to dress in comfortable layers that can be added or removed as needed year around. Don’t forget to pack a light weight hooded rain jacket year around. This will also help with wind. Wear comfortable shoes designed for walking/hiking.

Chelsey Gahm

Beautiful!!! After you check out the waterfall, bottom and top, be sure to walk off the main path for some beautiful scenery! Recommended trail: walk up path from welcome center, as if you're walking to bottom of waterfall, at first turn leading right, take the off-path trail to the left. If you pass a memorial stone, you're on the right path! Once you reach a rock hill, prepare for a great view to the left :)

todd jones

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! If you have a extra day while visiting Portland Oregon I suggest driving east on I-84 at least as far as Hood River. Which is just over an hour's Drive. They'll be short hikes to waterfalls and Vistas and plenty of things to see and do in Hood River
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