MainPlace Mall

place2800 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705缇庡湅
phone+1 714-547-7800


Michael Thomas

Over the last few years they've done ax decent job of upgrading the decor and look of the mall. And added summer better restaurants, such has Lucille's ribs. It's still a bit much with the teener-boppery, but I suppose that's most malls in America.

Marc LaBianca

If you are overwhelmed at the size of the block at Orange, come on down to MainPlace. It's a more intimate experience, and due to the roof, it is accommodating in any weather! Due to it's smaller size and higher prices, however, block still might be the better choice, depending of course on what you are looking for.

Jennifer Espinoza

Do they sell emoji backpacks here???? My friend keeps tellong me they are selling but idk do they? 馃槶馃挄

Ellie Nun ur Buis

Honestly this place is really good. It's really good place to hang out for teens. There is foodcourts there. A lot of places to shop! There's even an arcade/bowling ally . There's a ton of places to eat. If you get tired of walking there are a ton of areas to sit out . There are areas for little kids. There is a 2$ movie theater in there . It is just really fun !


I think it is a great mall. Great food court choices and stores! There is stores for everyone in the family! (Disney for kids, Forever 21 or Justice for teens/girl kids, Game Stop for boys, and so much more for moms such as the jewlary store.! Prices are also great and movies are great! Nothing to dislike!!
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