Parkside Tavern

star4.2 ·
place1940 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116, United States
phone+1 415-731-8900


Jon Jelenko

Food is solid, I personally recommend the Chipotle burger. Bartenders are excellent ad well!

Chris Olstad

I finally tried this place for drinks. It has a nice atmosphere and friendly staff, although it is kind of a small bar area, or it felt that way because it was crowded. I want to go back to try their food sometime soon. It's a great place to meet for brunch and then walk to the beach, only another 20 blocks down Taraval. It is also a great place to watch a game - lots of huge TVs!

Brian Mullaney

the pork chop is to die for. I'm not even a big pork chop fan but ordered it after the bartender recommended it. He said "I work here five days and ont he sixth I come to have the pork chop." Now I know why. Sunday Prime Rib is excellent. All the food is great and the service and atmosphere as well.

leila whitney

Nile is the best bartender ever! Go to this bar you you won't be disappointed. Good beer selection and great food! Nice happy house from 4-6!

Michelle Rowe

So...this place is awesome! Not only do they get the NFL Sunday Ticket, but they also get the MLB Ticket. Let's talk about the real reason you should go here...the FOOD! OMG people! I have to say that I love the calamari! The prime rib (Sunday night special) and the pot roast (Saturday night special) are amazballs! The meatloaf, which is only served on Thursday nights it fantastic! I has bacon in it! (Need I say more?!?) The staff here are great! Neil, Aden, Tim, Abel and Brendan are quick and friendly. They will take some time, if they have the time because it can get really busy in there, to get to know you're name and your drink preference. The more you come, the more this place will feel like your buddies house where you can get a good chat in while watching the game!
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