Tamsui Old Street

star4.2 · flag303
placeZhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251
phone+886 970 575 803
Tamsui Old Street


Tony New Tesla Model 3

Is a pretty cool place with a lot of good food. Worth checking out. Have to try the fresh juice and sugarcane. Not to mention the Taiwanese sausage meat sticks.

Jo-Anne Tsai

Good for local handmade treats like nougat, biscuits and cakes. Iron eggs a famous product from the area too. Don't just shop the main street and waterfront, venture into the local wet markets too for a true feel of the area.

Marcelo Largaespada

Interesting area to visit and walk around. Good variety of shops and street food on both sides of the street. You can walk around for hours and be decently entertained. The area is generally very full of tourists and can sometimes be crowded but this depends on the day of the week. There are several landmarks worth visiting nearby so make time to go to these. Grab a beer (or 6) by the river as the sun goes down for a very unique experience.


It is a really beautiful place, love the old street and the night scenery. Listening to buskers singing and gave some Turkish ice cream, or people watch at Starbucks and enjoy the night scenery is really a very blissful feeling. Try reaching at about 3pm for the perfect scenery as the sun sets, love the shop along the harbour that features Taiwan tempura style of fried mushrooms and veggie and bubble tea, and saw a few vegetarian restaurants along the way but have no space to try! There is this pastry shop that features Taiwanese crossiants called 金牛角,I found it at a night Market nearby that very little tourist know about, they are really good and can be bought back to sg to share with family members. love that place and is really totally worth going!

Kevin Huang

Been a while since I went there. They have small shops everywhere near and every food stand is selling the famous 啊給 that is essentially a glutinous ball with meat shoved inside. Has a spicy sauce over it. Every vendor has the sauce slightly different. Best paired up with a bowl of fish ball soup.

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