Zurich Airport

place8058 Z眉rich-Flughafen, Switzerland
phone+41 43 816 22 11
Zurich Airport


Stephan Braun

Awesome airport! Although it's pretty big, you'll find your way through it easy, thanks to the signs and helpful staff. Everything is looking good and clean, even the smoker sections which are really filthy at lots of airports are clean and bright, no dark smelly small rooms. Good variety of shops and restaurants, so you'll find something to do while waiting for your transit flight. Our you just take a seat and charge up your phone at one of the seating areas. All in all a really good airport! What I liked a lot was the underground train from one terminal to another, quick, clean and some little entertainment with the screens in the tunnel 馃槈


Amazing place. Seems like a beautiful city! It鈥檚 huge, very well maintained and very disciplined activities. Well monitored by the authorities and very neat and clean. A very busy airport connecting the world with this greatest tourist attraction in earth. People here are nice and friendly too. Unlike in Paris, many staff here speak fluent English, making lives easier for us. Overall, a great experience here


I just made good experiences with the Zurich Airport. What i like the most is the size of the Airport combined with the good organization. It takes me 15 minutes from the train to the gate for Europe flights and 30 min to gate E for long distance flights. Security check time and walking distances are unbeatable. The airport is always super clean and you can drink tab water, so just bring your bottle to refill after security check, since the prices for drinks at the airport are even for me as a Swiss super high.

Mateo Gudelj

Huge airport, very organized and clean, lots of places to sit by gates. Lots of good food and cafes, only problem is that they are expensive. Had a 7 hr layover here in July and everything was in a close and convenient place, but they made us enter Switzerland through customs and then leave again through security on the way to Croatia during the layover (which was strange?). All staff that we talked to spoke English and gate staff were nice as well. Great experience and will fly through Zurich again.

kalpana ram

Very big airport, there is underground terminal where in you need to take a train to the terminal. One of the fastest train I have been in. Amazing experience. There are plenty of options food options on the top floor, and various other shops to do last minute shopping. But when you come to the underground terminal the food options is less.

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