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Robert Wright

What can be said about a New York institution? That the cheesecake is deservedly renowned? That I don't usually care for chopped liver, but theirs made me want more? Yes and yes. The food was just the comfort we needed at the end of a long touristy day in the City. I'm sure there are chicer, hipper, ritzier places. When I lived in NJ and got into the city regularly, I would hunt out those cool little hole-in-the-wall places. Now that I live in NC and only come back occasionally, I take no shame in wanting and loving the big, brash, quintessentially New York experience served up at Junior's.

Jennifer Joudrey

Sure this may be a hot tourist destination, but the food was absolutely delicious. I am a huge fan of Jewish cuisine, and Junior's definitely delivered. It also offered other diner foods to make my entire travel party happy. Also tried an egg cream for the first time. I'm sure it was great...just wasn't for me. Definitely worth the try though.

The Symphony

Some of the best cheesecake I've ever had! The food is actually pretty good and a nice setup leading into the cheesecake. A little bit pricey but you get what you pay for! Nice place to just chill.

Vidner McCraw

I stayed at the Marriott across the street from Junior's. Ate breakfast and Dinner there for the two days I was in NYC. The food there is great. You get plenty and usually have a take home bag. The prices are high but everything in and around Time-Square is. The cheese cake it out of this world. I do wish the will expand the entry area. It gets clogged so fast and that revolving door doesn't help things. But once you get past that cluster it's great!

Nizel Adams

Hands down the best cheesecake I've ever had. I had no clue what I was getting into when I ordered these things. One slice is a quarter of a cake and these cakes are ridiculously expensive. Delivery was fast, even making the one day mark during Blizzard Niko, which beat Eileen's who shutdown their delivery once the blizzard hit (talk about service!) At the end of the day, you realize it's just cheesecake and there's only so many ways to make it. The cheesecake itself is mostly the same, they just mix and match layers, chocolate, etc. By the time I got around to trying my third slice I realized the excitement wore off although everything tasted fantastic. Overall superb cakes, but way overpriced considering what goes into them and the delivery fees were a rip-off (instead of separate cakes they could've combined all of them into one box or at least 2.) The only cake I didn't like was the white chocolate due to the white chocolate chips which I'm not a fan of and were abundant. 4/5 Stars

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