star4.6 ·
placeLevel 2, The Galeries, 500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000澳洲
phone+61 2 9262 7996


Carrera Chi

Nice place and stuffs

Benjamin Civitico

The place to go for niche and hard to find books. They carry a great selection and the staff have always been happy to help. The stationary selection is very small, and so is their graphic novel collection. The store is very clean and neat and their is a bunch of friendly staff notes around the store to help you make an enjoyable selection.

Hashaan Thiyagaraja

Great selection of books (almost every book I wanted to read was available for purchase). Cosy, large store with seats and a cafe adjacent to it. Easily accessible from the station. Prices aren't always competitive.

Filbert B

im an avid collector of pop vinyls figurines in which kinokuniya have so many of. the help desk guy in the 'comic book section' is the most reluctant person i have ever seen. i was browsing for several items which are right behind him, asking him to check if he has these particular items, and his reply was "you really want me to go up there and grab those for you right?" on multiple visits. he might forget that ive been there but i didn't. some other times i asked and he said it might be in the back somewhere but im not going to look for them for you now. be mindful that it took me time and effort to come to the store for him to be unwilling to move his ass and do work but instead he asked me to leave my phone number so he can find them at a 'more convenient time'. some of the items are displayed out of the box. i once called whether they have it or not (placed an order) and they replied with yes we still have one, not knowing that this was the one out of the box. once there i found out the figure has dings and scratches because its been piled up in a box and he (the same guy) said 'oh this is a 19 dollar plastic figure, what do you expect? as a collector and a member of kinokuniya book store i am very displeased at this behavior. although some of them are very helpful but this particular guy sure does leave an impression

Wayne Tsai

Fantastic book store with an amazing range of media. It's great having such a good book store in central Sydney, definite a must see for book lovers of any kind. Their foreign collection is very comprehensive.
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