Books Kinokuniya

star4.7 · flag1
place500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000澳洲
phone+61 2 9262 7996


Scott Mitchelmore

This is an impressive, large bookstore right next to Town Hall. Pretty much all the latest books across all interests. As its so large, I would recommend seeking out one of the friendly staff to find the book section or title you are after. They are very helpful and will almost always escort you to the right area. Sometimes the store can be a little messy but with that many books, it can't be avoided sometimes. There's also a nice cafe at the entrance as well for coffee, tea and fresh cakes.

Ania Rucinski

Best place to hideout from all that horrible horrible humanity when it is raining outside. You could seriously pick up any book and it would be decent, plus they have Hogwarts branded hardcover notebooks so basically all your wishes have been granted. Follow their social media for cool little events and stuff. The books are not cheap, but this is Sydney dude. Would live here


The best book store in Sydney! The selection and variety is fantastic. If you’re after a book, there’s a high chance they’ll have it. The architecture and design section is the best I’ve seen. It’s a shame there is no reward system for loyal customers. Prices seem to be RRP so sometimes it is worth shopping around depending on what you’re after. Black Star Pastry by the entry is also a nice bonus! Be sure to try their famous watermelon cake.

Steven Nguyen

Massive selection of books and niche art supplies. They also stock a massive range of pop vinyls and they usually stock a lot of chase variants as well. Knowledgeable staff when it comes to books as well.

Geoff Cavanough

Great selection of books and manga. Reasonable prices (better if you get a membership card). Can spend hours in here lost in the books.
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