The Star Sydney

star3.8 ·
place80 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009澳洲
phone+61 2 9777 9000


corrina yang


Russell Miller

A nice venue to visit. There's a nightclub for dancing, usually with a live band. Great bar with fast service and a large open sports bar area. Quite a few dining options and open 24 hours. There's a light rail platform downstairs making it really easy to get around.

Nick C

Welcome to Sydney, where Adults are treated like Children. This place, like others in Sydney, has been forced into submission by a State government that intimidates license venues into adhering to very strict compliance orders that target intoxicated patrons. If a customer looks overtly happy or is expressing themselves in a jovial manner, they are deemed intoxicated. If the licensing (fun) police arrive and see such behavior, the veue will be fined and earns a strike, a step closer to losing its license. In a nutshell, the Liberal Government has taken the fun out of Sydney. Fun is now policed by the Nanny State and venues either comply with these draconian laws or shut down. Our once fun loving 24hr sun soaked metropolis is now an international embarrassment. We all need to vote the state Liberal Government out! They have destroyed our culture with lockouts, unreasonable RSA laws and over regulation.

L. Wong

It feels like a dated casino but the atmosphere was always decent. I came here a couple of times as they had NFL and UFC events happening regularly and the crowd was always amazing. They have half price food specials and the staff are pretty friendly. There are a lot of tables available. The shops here are OK. The Melbourne casino is much nicer if you're planning to go to a casino and visiting both Sydney and Melbourne.

Henry Brosius

Good place to go if you don't mind blowing a bit of cash. Drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is lively. Best way to enjoy a long time there is to split your winnings between five or more people.
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