Chouara Tanner

star4.2 · flag1
placeFes, Morocco


Fraser Drummond

Was not operating when we saw it so was just the pools. Recently renovated area so a bit too clean, neat and tidy. Preferred Marrakech with a bit more character and less health and safety.

Gino Monteyne

If hell would smell ... it would be like this place. But definitely a must see and worth your time. Beware of all the "friends" who want to help you.

Aaron Holloway-Nahum

Unfortunately when we went they didn't have the dyes out (though I'm told this saved us from quite a lot of pain in terms of the smell). Still a fascinating place and great views of the surrounding area.

Bonica Wong

I went here last month however it was closed for renovation. It is worth a visit since it is the oldest tanneries in Fes. However, the products here were overpriced, so don't shop here!

Hashim Nouman

Its a beautiful place if you can handle the smell!
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