Monkey Mia

star4.2 ·
place1 Monkey Mia Road, WA 6537澳洲
phone+61 8 9948 1366


Jeff Ransley

Packed in like sardines but did enjoy the Dolphins and the dugong spotting. Didn't see any but loved the catamaran trip. Would go again in the off season if there is one

Paul Anderie

I have no idea how it was in 1988, but the people there built a great place for the nature. My first impression was very positive. They feed the animals only in the morning, max 1 kg of fish (usually Dolphins need 12 kg), so that they don't get too lazy to hunt. Everything is as clean as you can imagine. The prices off season was really fair 8.50AUD per person to enter the park. We have spend a lovely day and was defiantly worth the money and the time.

Sheila Novitz

In 1988, when I spent 10 days at Monkey Mia, it was magical. No roads, no houses, scarcely any tourists, NO BOATS - just the glorious dolphins visiting us. Then the developers went mad for money, built roads, parking spots, holiday houses, and ramps for boats and boats and boats. Within a short time, the original dolphins had all died - of shock, one presumes. Now there are dolphins once again, but the entire atmosphere and beauty have been ruined forever. Would not bother to visit the place now, and can't figure out why the dolphins still do. It's all about dollars, and to heck with dolphin welfare. A crying shame, and Australia should be ashamed.

Tony D

The attraction is the flock of people running to the water, not the dolphins. I love dolphins and wildlife experiences, but I found this highly overrated. You better off chilling on Shell Beach or going to Coral Bay or Exmouth for some real wildlife experience with manta rays and whale sharks.

shailendra sharma

Nice place for overnight camping with clean Toilet and kitchen ... A bit crowded though, so book in advance..
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