Marina Square

star4.3 · flag4
place6 Raffles Blvd, 新加坡 039594
phone+65 6339 8787


Chen Shaine


Khidir O.

Air-conditioned mega(kinda) - mall. Some would say it's long past its prime and they would be kinda right, but it has all the stalls from before, and they did spend millions on a questionable face-lift, so... it's kinda like your ex from a past life. Avoid at all costs, but sometimes you just find yourself inside and it's oddly comforting. Not for a lack of choice, but still. Oh yes there's a new Japanese supermarket too.

Carl Adams

We enjoy the crisp, orderly commerce of Singapore - and Marina Square is a great example of Asia at its planned "best". All the shops and eateries are worth a visit and your spending. But beware: the prices are very full.

Jonny Tan

A mall that is in the midst of revamp to modernise. Perhaps not many people know about the new wing as it is situated away at the side. The layout stretches out in a cross manner and the 4 furthest point of the mall has not much traffic. Overall, it has an interesting retail mix and food options. The best thing is that even during weekends, it's not too crowded compared to the other mall.

Caz Oz

Great stay at the Mandarin Oriental! The Melt cafe for breakfast was wonderful and the Spa Massage was the best I've experienced in 20 years of travel. Would definitely stay at the Mandarin Oriental again when next in Singapore.
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