Schiphol (Airport)

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Ernest Kwame Adu

The station is nice, and is downstairs. However, one of the bridges called the "Schipholbrug" malfunctions relatively often, which causes delays, or even cancels trains. Make sure to not take the latest train you can get to spend the least amount of time in the airport, as it could result into you missing your flight. The platforms are very large (which makes no sense, as there is no train long enough to fill the whole platform), so make sure to stay where most people are standing, which is close to the staircases, escalators, and elevators. The trains can depart from either track on a platform (1-2, 3-4, or 5-6), so make sure to pay attention to the people, or the information signs, as your train might arrive at track 5 today, but 6 a few hours later (even though it's the same line).

Mauro Locati

Stazione ben collegata con l'aeroporto, il quale le è praticamente sopra e a cui si accede con comode scale mobili. Purtroppo, spesso, mancano le indicazioni sul treno in arrivo nel binario e questo può creare qualche problema se non si è guardato il pannello informativo al piano superiore.

Mikhail Buylov

Сколько здесь было выпито Хайнекена, перед возвращением на Родину! ) Такие добрые, приятные люди работают в службе аэропорта, досмотр всегда проходит с какими то шутками, подколами, все легко-непринужденно, всегда благодарят за cooperation, получаешь столько позитива перед полетом!!!

Liene Murray

Suggest NS introduce a train departure information screen for all departures from the train station at each platform or at least make an announcement if a train is departing from a different platform. I was there on 09/11/2015 traying to catch 12:52 train from Schiphol to Amsterdam centraal. The train never arrived at the originally scheduled platform. No announcements were made, screen information changed, yet still no info whether the specified train departed form a different platform. After waiting for a while, ended up going upstairs to the main hall to see if there is a train to Amsterdam centraal from a different platform. Plus, the OV chipkaart readers (all tickets are with magnetic chip and have to be checked in/out at every journey) are scattered around main hall area, not necessarily easy to find if you don't know. They should be put right by the entrance to the platforms in this instance.

Miguel Luque

Aeropuerto efectivo. Un poco antiguo.
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