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place431 Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94113缇庡湅
phone+1 415-441-5695


Jason Lawrence

This was so much fun! I grew up in the Bay Area and had never gotten acquainted with San Francisco. It was great to get to know the city more and to just have fun there instead of dreading the parking etc.

Sally Werner

The customer service was absolutely terrible. There were many employees and they were all interested in talking and laughing with each other, not doing their jobs. There seemed to be no supervision or anyone in charge. Our GPS storyteller quit working after we hit a little bump in the road just a few blocks away from our starting point- thank goodness for the map. When we got back and reported the non working equipment, I was griped out for not turning around and coming back (it took an hour of standing around to even get into the car and where was I going to turn around in rush hour traffic??) and not calling them (the phone number was on a piece of trash in the floor board- from a previous customer). It was an unpleasant and frustrating experience. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

Tim Ellis

This is THE option for sightseeing in San Fran. We were thinking of hiring a bike to ride but seeing the hills and the distance between the best attractions of the city, we went to GoCars. The staff are friendly and help you get started. Being from Australia we had no idea how to handle US roads, but it was no issue at all. Driving was a breeze and it allowed us to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Park and Downtown in only three hours. Seeing all the other tourists struggling on bikes uphill was as we sped past them. Good fun and something different.

Tina C

GoCar Tours was so much fun!! It looks like such a tourist trap but it is one of the best ways to explore and tour the city. They provide an audio guided GPS tour and a map but you can choose to just zip around town on your own pace. The max it can go is 25 mph and the engine vibrates the car quite a bit, so it does take some time getting used to in the beginning. Try to look for a discounted deal or else the prices are a bit steep! Again, use your best judgement when operating the vehicle because you do share the same streets as cars, buses, etc. Don't try to go up steep hills because the car knows it will not have enough power to make it and will actually ask you to turn the car around (we accidentally went up a wrong street!) Very fun and different way to show SF if you ever have any out of town visitors!

Kriss Martinez

Awesome Place to rent a go cart and check Out the bay SF. We were there 3 months ago and it was worth it!!! 5馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専

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