Els 4Gats

star3.8 · flag1
placeCarrer de Montsió, 3, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
phone+34 933 02 41 40


Benjamin Trotter

Came here one evening after finding this on a tour. Looked really sweet and knowing it had history piqued my interest even more in coming here one night for dinner. This place was a tourist trap. When we sat down, the curt server seemed annoyed that we chose to sit on one side of the table than the one that was set (we preferred to not sit next to another couple and pole when the other side was completely empty. When it came to ordering they questioned our order and again we're curt with explaining a wine selection to the point of us just not wanting to order anything. No one came to check in on the food, and it was fine but nothing that is ever bother coming back for again, especially with the rudeness and churning mentality of the staff.

Diego Cavalieri

Traditional Catalan meets trendy and bohemian. Good food (from a not too long menú, that's true), fantastic service and superb vibe. Remember, the place is divided in two: a restaurant and a tapas bar. We always go to the restaurant so my review is based on that experience. It's Europe, don't expect to be loved if you sit on the bar and order bread and water.... $$$

Nicole 0110

Best meal during our 5 days in Barcelona. The service was so impressive!! My husband found the wine list to be impressive as well. Highly recommend enjoying a dinner there if in Barcelona.


7 august 2017 around 11:30am. Our party of 3 entered the restaurant and headed to the main room, which has a nice vintage look and feel, I asked the guy on the right if I could take a picture. He very abruptly replied "No!". The young waitress looked at us very ambarassed. Phone rang. Guy picked up. We decided to leave and went somewhere else less pretentious. Very rude staff. Did not have a chance to taste the food though. But I will never go back to this place whatever the reviews are.

Christopher Hawkins

Looks nice but they actively ripped us off. More than a hundred euros each for 2 mediocre fishes between 5 of us. they took advantage of a custom request charging a huge premium. If it'd been good and a special experience then OK, but it was not. We were left with a very bad taste in the mouth.

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