Kids Castle

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place425 Wells Rd, Doylestown, PA 18901美國
phone+1 215-348-9915


Arthur Sweetman

This place was awesome my son just turned 3 and as soon as we got there he just bolted for the castle entrance and usually he's a little nervous and shy but not here he loves it,, it's 3 stories of mazes and slides and draw bridges and 1st floor fire pole with a shock absorption set up to come down to the next floor even my wife and 5 month old went down it with her little kangaroo pack on,lol. They also have a beautiful wooden swing set and a big wooden pirate ship for the kids to play on and spots to picnic and nature trails plus the castle is all fenced in so it pretty safe and it's just a beautiful place to relax and b let the kids go nuts and sleep the whole ride home jus t bring food and drinks and ur good. If ur a smoker like I am just take a 3 minute walk and ur good to go, some of the older kids are a little spoiled and abnoxious but hey what are u gonna do just keep an eye out for the older kids bc there all together like one huge school trip with all different ages having the times of there lives in there I wish I would have known about a place like this 35 years again when I was a 5 year old I would have talked my parents into coming every

Sean Buckley

Great spot for the kids. I somehow got talked into accompanying my son into the castle and promptly lost him as he climbed up a slide I seemed physically unable to grip onto. I found him a few minutes later but was never too worried because there's only one way in and out of the play area and my wife was by the door!

Kayla Heineman

This place is amazing for kids! There is a huge boat for kids to play on and multiple benches, pavilions, paved trails and soccer nets. The park is surrounded by trees and many of the trails are in the shade. There are restrooms and water fountains on site. Great for dogs, kids, elderly and Pokemon Go players (there is a Gym and multiple Pokestops).

David Lynch

Great place to take the kids on a nice afternoon. My kids love it here. You can usually burn off an hour or two and tire out your kids at the same time.

Marie Rasmussen

The best park. If you have kids, even if you don't live close, this is one of the best places to take them (and it's a park so it's free)! They recently replaced a lot (if not all) of the wood, so it's really nice!
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