Muong Thanh Xa La Hotel

star4.2 ·
place66 Phuc La, Xa La Residence Zone, Phuc La, Ha Dong, Hà Nội, Vietnam
phone+84 4 3311 5555


In Sun Kwon

The WORST hotel I've ever stayed. If you have a plan to visit this hotel, then DON'T. Don't throw away your money to this hotel. Me and my family checked in this hotel 2015. December 28th and stayed a night with other companions. First of all, we found a bunch of DUST and HAIR in the room, plus PEELED OFF PAINT POWDERS falling from the wall. (I took a photo of it). Secondly, THE HEATER in the room DIDN'T WORK.(air-conditioner at the same time) Even though the weather of Vietnam is warmer than other counties in December, it is somewhat cold in the night. One of my companion wore her scarf round her neck and thick clothes in order to spend that chilly night. Lastly, downside of the wall is COVERED WITH MOLD and needless to say, the painting of the wall is peeling off. It was obvious that the hotel didn't check the room status at all before check in. However, the WORST PART was actually this. I called the front desk and ask the guy to change the room. He said there was no extra room and suddenly hung up the call after saying "wait a minute" while I was talking. After that some young guy came to my room to check the problems but he couldn't have a conversation in English and didn't recognized what the problems were... so we had to explain one more time to him with body language. He check the heater but it didn't work after all. Also, after he saw the dust & wall, he brought a short and old broom... which looked like didn't work for cleaning..... It was hard to ask that young guy to handle this problems because he couldn't speak English. So I called the front desk again, then the guy hung up the call again TWICE after just saying wait a minute.He seemed very much busy. I waited like 10 minutes but nothing happened. So I went down to the front desk in order to meet that busy guy in person. Surprisingly, there was only one man in the front desk, just focusing on check in process for other guests. There was no additional person who could respond to guest's claim or requests, even though there were hundreds of guests who checked in that night. (Many Chinese and Koreans, including me & my companions, visit that hotel because it's peak season for travel). One of my companion couldn't find his luggage from a bell boy so he should searched it that night. Other companion paid single charge for one additional person but what he got was just a mattress on the floor without a pillow. So he also called the front desk but of course the guy hung up the call after just saying ok. No pillow in the hotel. I will make a complaint again to the hotel by email and refund the payment. There was no appropriate compensation next day even though my family spend the night in that dirty room. (We were too tired to explain our problems one more time and wait for the hotel's respond. it was over 12 o'clock and reached almost 1 am.I guess over 1am maybe) I told the front guy that I would have a refund, and see how the hotel is going to deal with this problem. Thanks for reading this long review, and I hope other travelers don't suffer from this inconvenience. FYI. there is only 1 elevator works for 15th(the top floor) and the water pressure of that floor is very low. If you have an unavoidable problem to stay this hotel, then ask the room on the lower floor.

daeseong ham

무료 와이파이 가능하나, 속도는 그다지 빠르진 않음 주변이 도로라서 아침에 시끄러움. 하노이 시내는 거의 이럴 듯.



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