London Transport Museum

placeCovent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 7BB, UK
phone+44 20 7379 6344


Cheryl Hung

Museums and monuments should top the list of attractions to visit when one is in London, and a less popular yet equally wonderful place is the London Transport Museum. It is not really off track location-wise, but the Museum itself is not exactly very popular amongst tourists. As expected, there were some tourists but not a lot like in British Museum when we visited it. As a specialist museum, there are many large-scale exhibits to draw one's attention as well as to satisfy the eyes of photographers-on-the-go! It is not only great for fans of bus or train or any kind of transport, but also perfect for families with children of different ages. Apart from the mega exhibits including life-sized train compartments or vehicles, the children corner was so much fun for the children to roleplay with some costumes provided. So it was good for both taking photos and interactive learning about what and who are behind the daily operation of the different means of public transport. Children could pretend to be drivers, technicians and operators, etc. Families could easily spend hours in there. There are also occasional workshops and activities for children, so you can join them if the timetable fits you. For adults (and children of different ages), there are also engaging activities throughout the museum, including a stamp-collecting leaflet which asks you to find all the checkpoints to collect all the stamps, and some other activity leaflets asking questions about different exhibits, etc. I would visit it again if I have time when I travel to London in the future, especially if I am bringing the children with me. One more advantage about this museum is the location. There are many things to see and eat in the vicinity, so you wouldn't waste time travel to and from the museum to visit the museum alone. There is a bazaar right next to it, and a lot of shops and takeaways and restaurants of different cuisines as I can recall. You should consider paying it a visit if you are on a family holiday, or if you would be interested to see some old vehicles. 馃槈

Larry Steiner

The Museum, as such, is pleasant and has some nice exhibits. There are good explanations of the historical development of transit in London. I mark this place down because of cost. Unless you are a completist or a transport geek, this place is very expensive for the amount of time you will be visiting - probably an hour or less. The fact that you are buying a ticket that is good for year is something of a sop, but when two of us visited in September of 2017 the cost in US dollars worked out to $46 . If the pound goes up, it would be crazy expensive.

Noelle Ng

Mixture of interactive play and transport compartments across different eras, encouraging little ones to roam around and explore. Typically spent up to 2 hours in here. Bought an annual ticket with include unlimited entry throughout the year. Worthwhile if you come often. Otherwise national rail sometimes one a buy 1 rail ticket free entry promotion as well.

Rajesh Iyer

Good place for kids and adults alike. You will spend about 2-3 hours here and there are activities through the day for kids. Better buy online tickets and collect here to avoid the lines. They have a cloakroom where you can put away the winter coats. The tickets, though a bit pricey, are valid for a year. So keep it around. Kids love the place!!

Arrianne Johns

Absolutely loved it, price was really good and the fact I can come back anytime over the year for free at no extra cost is great. My little girl loved it so much to see and do and buses for her to sit in. I will definitely be coming back here again it's made a long lasting impression on my little girl and she wanted go back the next day 馃槉
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