Haeundae Beach

star4.4 ·
place264 Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, 南韓
phone+82 51-749-5700



建設中の高層ビルを望みながらビーチでのんびり。 ビーチから少し3分ほど歩いたとても広い通りの路地に入った場所に海鮮屋台通りなどがあり… 食べ物を持ってビーチで食べました。 水はそんなにキレくはありません。 夏のシーズンが終わり遊泳禁止の看板がありました。 海南台駅からは歩いて15分くらい。 ビーチ前の両替所はレートがいいです。 オススメですよ。

Indrajit Ghosh

This is one of the most popular beaches in Busan and has lots of really nice places to eat. There are lot of artists and magicians who come over to the beach and entertain people. In the weekend, people have fun at the beach the whole night (right till the sun rises and the first subway trains start in the morning). This is a really fun and happening place with lots of nice crowd (both local and foreigners) and very safe at the same time.

Stephon Glover

I see reviews where people say the beach is crowded or dirty. Perhaps my tolerance is higher for cleanliness or crowds since I live in Beijing, but my wife and I enjoyed the beach. We walked along it almost everyday we were there, even introducing our five month daughter to the ocean. There were a few crowds on the beach but most of these stayed just outside of the reach of the water, even on the warmer days we were there. People popped fireworks at night, roman candles for us. There was a drunk guy in a tank top walking around saying fireworks were illegal, and he looked like he had 'confiscated' someone's. I knew he was full of it though and he backed off. That maybe the worst part, a lot of drunk people. Not obnoxious, but noticeable. Even with the fireworks, the most trash I saw was debris that has washed up on the beach, and overflowing around the few scattered trash cans. They definitely need more.

Paul Taylor

Rating a highly as it is one of the better beaches in Korea but for those that have travelled then there are far better beaches around the world. I have seen photos of the beach in summer and it is very crowded. But in winter there are not a lot of people on the beach but there are signs saying no swimming! !!!.its a beach, swimming is the thing you do. Public toilets are by the side of the tourist office.

Алена Тен

Очень нравится приезжать сюда. Чисто и аккуратно. Туалеты бесплатные. Еда в основном национальная, но есть и лоттерия с классным чикеном. Так же постоянно ходят и предлагают чикен, кому лень идти. Зонтик , шезлонг и балон можно арендовать за 8000. Коврик идет сервисом.Пляж до 18:00. Постоянно патрулируют спасатели. Все достойно и цивилизованно.

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