Kushiro Washo Market

star3.8 · flag25
place日本〒085-0018 Hokkaidō, Kushiro-shi, Kuroganechō, 13 Chome−25
phone+81 154-22-3226
Kushiro Washo Market


Anthony T

釧路的和商市場與札幌的二條市場、函館的朝市並稱北海道三大市場。 這裡有別處吃不到的「勝手丼」。和商市場的勝手丼聞名全日本,在其他地方幾乎吃不到!什麼是勝手丼呢?簡單說就是自己選料、配料的海鮮蓋飯。先在市場內購買一碗白飯,然後拿著裝有白飯的碗到掛有勝手丼招牌的攤位選購自己想吃的海鮮料。 我們就選了北寄貝,Toro,帶子,海膽,鯨魚肉,野生三文魚⋯,只是3千円!還買了一只花咲蟹,即買即煮!鮮味到不得了。

nenetzin vidal

Magical place!! I bought a beautiful kimono ( with the obe included) with the guy that rent the kimonos on one of the corners of the markets we just talk with him and get an amazing deal. The market is really interesting, you have to buy your bowl of withe rice with one single lady and then go to get your additional (prices more less are showed in the picture). This is a great please to live the Japanese real culture with people on their daily activities



たるる -

名物の勝手丼が楽しいです。好きな大きさのご飯を買って、各店舗をまわって好みの具材を乗せてもらいます。 ご当地食材などもあって尚面白かったですよ! ご飯を買ったところで100円で買える味噌汁もカニの出汁が出ていて凄く美味しかったです。

Hokkaido Explorer

It has plenty of shock and awe appeal. I'm sure anyone who has never been to a fish market before would gaze in awe. Here is famous for Katte-don. A rice bowl dish where you select the toppings yourself "katte". Many of the stalls are much the same as any other. Remember seafood is seasonal so be sure to ask what seafood is local and in season. To provide their local customers with produce year round they do import a fair bit. Some of the souvenir shops and the local cheese shop was really interesting.

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