Publicis Drugstore

place133 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, 法國
phone+33 1 44 43 75 07


Kaz Schneider

Kiehls cosmetics which are not available in their japanese branches are there and cheap thnks to EU currency ratio now. i bought not only Kiehls but German and French soaps/rinse/shampoo.

Gilles Biscay

Service trop lent & musique trop forte. Domage car mieux géré ce restaurant pourraiq etre sympa

Jeremy Hylton

The drug store isn't really a drug store at all. It's a luxury blend of convenience store and department store. They slow books, magazines, clothing, champagne, wine, macarons, all sorts of things. There isn't much depth to the selection, but you can find gifts or a fancy picnic meal. There are also two restaurants attached to the drug store.

Antonio Claudio Macedo da Silva

Yesterday I went to the Restaurant there and the waiter was very impolite to me. So was the hostess. When I complained about the service, she pretended not to understand English and asked me to speak French. Even being able to speak French I refused to speak French and made my complaint in English arguing the obvious: that was an international restaurant, or at least portrayed to be so... What I could realize was A VERY GRAVE RACIAL DISCRIMINATION since they noted we were not Europeans! I will make formal complaints in every site (TripAdvisor etc) and file a formal and detailed complaint in the very site of the business owner. I've got notes of everything. They will have a bad time.

Christelle Prevost

Tout est ton...à chacun nos passage de et d'ailleurs brunch ce dimanche de pâques. ..seul hic le service toujours aussi brouillon ...
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