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place1800 Tranquille Rd #38, Kamloops, BC V2B 3L9加拿大
phone+1 250-376-5757


Terry Cain

Nice renovations. But.........standing 4 deep in line with only 2 tills open? Having a customer ASK to have the express tills opened? Watching 4 employees standing to the side discussing something? (I understand that is necessary but do it away from public view. The perception of the public is negative.) Customer service has taken a sharp decline recently.

Rohan 11

Everything you need to go grocery shopping for your family and more is in this store. It is very organized and even when they were doing a little construction/renovation they still kept it easy to walk through and as organized as they could. I do wish that some of their products were a little cheaper, and it would be cool if they got something like independent grocers has, it's kind of like a restaurant in the store and you can get quick and easy meals for very cheap. All in all its a good place to find what you need.

Dustin Lukow

Just like any other one... Prices are a bit high but they try to compensate with service and atmosphere. For a quick trip for the odd thing it is fine.

Janet Knott-Fenwick

wide isles, fresh veggies & Fruit! Floral department is fabulous. Best of all friendly courteous staff

Joe Dondaneau

They are commonly out of the things I go for and the store itself is in poor condition. There are almost never enough tills open and the doors that lead into the place are so slow to open you will walk right into them unless you push them open with your hand. The store is currently under renovations ( nothing to do with it being in poor condition ) so maybe some of this will change. Self serve tills and doors that work would go a long way to helping make this place better.
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