Nokonoshima Island Park

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place日本〒819-0012 福岡県福岡市西区能古島
phone+81 92-881-2494


Mat Taka


ryn Ryn

평일에 갔는데 그렇게 붐비진 않았어요. 근데 굳~~이 찾아갈 곳은 아닌 것 같아요. 첫 여행이시라면 과감하게 일정에서 빼셔도 될 것 같아요. 후쿠오카 몇 번 여행 하셨다면 가볍게 가서 산책하기 좋아요.

Andy Ho

It's a short distance away from Fukuoka city, but still involves a train ride, some walking and a ferry ride. Once you get over that, you're presented with a quiet little island complete with its own flower park. Great if you have a whole day to enjoy the place and don't rush it. Flower park's entrance fee may be steep to some. Will come again if I have a few days to pass in Fukuoka.


선착장에 내리자마자 버스정류장이 보여서 달려갔는데, 시간대에 따라 다르겠지만 11시대 버스는 사람이 미어터졌어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 일본버스타면서 이렇게 많이탄건 처음이에요. 버스랑 배가 한시간에 한대씩 밖에 없어서 시간분배를 잘 하고 가야할 것 같아요. 텐진관광안내소에서 여쭤보면 한국어로 친절하게 버스시간대, 배시간을 자료로 챙겨줍니다!! 덕분에 일본어 1도 모르는 저같은 사람도 아일랜드파크 무사히 다녀올 수 있었습니다~.~ 10월 초중순이어서 코스모스 밭 보고왔어요. 아일랜드파크는 정말 지도에 나온대로 생겼고 생각보다 카페가 비싸기만 했어요. 팜플렛에 시즌별 꽃 종류까지 친절하게 써줍니다! 풍경좋아서 산책하고 사진찍기 좋아요. 버스가 자주없어서(사람도 너무많고) 딴데가기는 불편해요.

Valarie Lisane

I was working with an English camp during my extensive stay here. The grounds are beautifully gardened year-round with plants that best fit the seasons. Staff members are friendly and helpful and the shops have good traditional and modern wears for purchase. There are extremely few stairs and the few that exist always have ramps, but some of the hills are quite steep. Walking canes and large umbrellas are available for free for patron use. Overnight cottages are very nice complete with kitchenette and toilet. Staying overnight, however, means surrendering to an extremely isolated location overnight. The island doesn't have any convenient stores and nothing is open past 7 aside from the ferry. Plan accordingly! And please don't attempt walking up the island path to the park. It's 1300m of uphill narrow roads. There's also a beach destination on the island. Again, please take the shuttle bus to get there. These beach cottages aren't as nice but they're very conveniently located. The beach has several options for leisure time fun including a floating play dock and on-site eating options. There's an abundance of shaded tables for patron use. WARNING BEACH SNOBS: it's dirty and the sand is painful with shells, etc. Aqua shoes are HIGHLY recommended. Jellyfish are also common, but they're usually not the stinging type. Great outdoor park for enjoying nature Lots of activities available for children Several outdoor play parks (swings, etc.) Cafe Two restaurants Several souvenir shops Popular destination for wedding photos
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