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placeŽatecká 17, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha-Praha 1, 捷克
phone+420 222 316 604


pepze pepze

Good service, amazing food, beautiful atmosphere. These are the main ingredients this cozy restaurant offers. I found this place through Google Maps and I paid a visit twice during my short stay in the Czech capital. I had cabbage pancakes as a starter both times: so simple, so tasty. Try the goulash, served in a loaf, it makes your day. If you choose the meat you won't fail, properly cooked and delicious. They also have fish and salads in the menu, but I had no chance to try them. This great experience could not be complete without a pint of fresh Czech dark beer. Quality/price rate absolutely perfect. Well deserved 5 stars.

Park Sa-Beom

한국사람들은 가서 어이없는 경우 겪지 마시길... 웨이터가 계산시 직접 10%의 팁을 추가해서 결제 요구합니다. 팁은 주고싶은만큼 그것도 손님이 원해서 줘야되는데 직접 싸가지없이 추가하여 계산하니 어이없어서 문밖을나갔다가 다시 와서 따졌습니다. 1호점에서도 안그랬던 팁문화를 2호점에서 이따구로하길래 "팁을 지불하고싶지않다했더니" 돌려준다면서 뒤돌아 욕하드라구요. 못알아먹는줄아나본데 ㅉㅉ. 계산법이 정말 정서상 안맞는거같습니다. 손님의지로 주는팁이아니면 그냥 다시 환불받으셔도 됩니다. 다신 여기 가고싶지않네요. 1호점가세요. 망할년이 뒤돌아 욕하는거보고...

Юлия С

Ребрышки в меде - обалденно вкусные и сочные. Порция огромная, не осилили даже вдвоем с мужем. К блюду еще подали овощи. Объелись. Пиво недорогое и вкусное. Популярное место, может не быть мест. Очень понравился ресторан!

Roxana Seitan

We came here for dinner and although we didn't have a reservation and the restaurant was full, they managed to get us a spot which was very appreciated. The staff is very friendly and the restaurant is more than well presented. The prices can be moderate to high depending on the chosen meal, but for just 189CZK (€7.30) I got a full, delicious meal. You can also find traditional plates, like the goulash in bread. Very recommended.

Muk Charo

I love Goulash (esp. soup type) and tried to find good place to fill up my craving and eventually last day in Prague after ramble around Paris street and around we were hungry and just coincidentally found this restaurant that we were trying to find. Well, long story short 😅😅, the goulash here was great, wish it didn't come in the bread, haha not a fan but I was truly satisfied. Pork knee was good and huge 💪.
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