Moore Coffee Shop

star4.3 ·
place1930 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
phone+1 206-728-5668


Gino Prodan

My girlfriend's favorite spot. We popped in for a drink and I got a regular iced coffee, which was incredibly delightful on its own. Her drink was equally great, and now I want to go back to find out what it was!

Warren Chin

This is one of my favorite Café in Seattle! It's know for its beautiful latte art! Everytime I go there, I get a cool surprise to see what art will be in my drink! The baristas are very nice and friendly! I usually order a 12 oz cup, as it's easier for the baristas to create the Latte art. There are faux fireplace, a blue bicycle and retro fans. To the top of the faux fireplace is an iPad where you can see the video-live feed of the action at the espresso machine. In addition, the waffles are delicious! I suggest the brie and berries waffle.

Jessalyn Cheng

Looking for a cute cafe to sit in? What about a place to be surrounded by the smell of delicious coffee? Do you want a snack run? Come to Moore Coffee Shop!! It's right next to the Moore Theatre in Downtown (and close to Bell Town). This is my go to place when I want to relax and run away from the everyday stress. :) The best part about this place? They have ADORABLE coffee art. The "must have" drink in my opinion is the Nutella Mocha. Whenever I get it, it's the right balance between sweet and bitter. If you "sit in" the cafe, you get a tiny piece of chocolate with your drink. :) For snacks, I recommend getting their Chocolate or Citrus Cake, BUT if you do, get a drink that's more bitter than sweet. The cakes are pretty sweet. What are you waiting for? Go collect pictures of your coffee art.

Johana Bonnell

Great coffee cool coffee art, and good snacks. Cool spot to go while DT or a mid day pick-up.

Theresa Wages

Cafe Madrid was a bit sweeter than I would have liked and temperature was lukewarm. The Americano was bitter. Didn't quite hit the spot for me but I can't complain. It just wasn't my preference but I still enjoyed it. Their latte art is cute and lovely. The ambience is just like their latte art: cute lovely and cozy. Great place to come with girlfriends or even on a date.
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