Yellowstone Village Inn & Suites

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place1102 Scott St W, Gardiner, MT 59030美國
phone+1 406-848-7417


Laura hildebrandt

On their website it says "Once your reservation has been completed, your vacation worries will disappear. Check availability now on your soon to be unforgettable experience" Mine was certainly unforgettable. Unforgivable also. I attempted to stay here with my service dog on October 4th 2015. I was polite and cordial the whole time. I had a room reserved over the phone. When I arrived to check in and get my room keys with my service animal, Lexy. The owner of this establishment aggressively screamed at me to leave while barreling out of an office door towards me like he was going to attack me. I actually side stepped in an attempt to get out of his way and protect myself and Lexy. Jason, the guy behind the front desk who had been checking me in, was trying to neutralize things and help by finding another hotel, The owner was so rude and blinded by anger, yelling at me that he screamed over me and Jason the entire 3 minuets of the attack. I would definitely call it an attack with how horrible he treated me. It was as if I broke something on purpose of his or stole money from him. He threatened me and said that I'm trespassing, that it's private property. She is not a pet, she is a service animal who alerts me to oncoming medical emergencies. Thank god I didn't have a medical emergency because of his hysteria and hate directed towards me. I tryed to explain politely, but he wouldn't let me speak. He just kept saying how "you people are what's wrong with America" and how "I chose to come there instead of every other hotel that allows pets in this town" and that "why did I have to come to HIS hotel". As if I had it out for him and was trying to hurt him! I was half afraid that he was going to kick Lexy! I think there might be something wrong with him... All other "regular" hotels in town were booked and I couldn't stay another night in a "cabin style" hotel because it was uninsulated and the heaters didn't work. Once he opened the door and made me go outside, the old man continued to berate me until I was crying. I couldn't think, I had to get away from him, and sat in my car for a half an hour trying to comprehend what just happened. He is an old man and I was a young lady, how could he think it appropriate to scream at me? Getting so close to my face that he was spitting on me and I had to continue to back up as he went on and on. He was physically intimidating and discriminatory. They seem to think that if they found you another hotel to stay in, that it was OK for them to deny me. Well he is gravely mistaken. He not only violated my civil rights that day but it is a crime, a misdemeanor in the state of Montana to deny a person with a disability and a service animal at their establishment. I told him if I had had a different disability then diabetes I could've been on the floor convulsing because of how crazy he created the situation to be. and I said that he would've had to call an ambience. His response?........... " I don't care!" Needless to say, if you have a service animal do not go here until the federal courts punch this guy a new one.

Phyllis Hargrave

Loved everything about this hotel. Personable, friendly. Clean. Sat and talked with the iwner's Mom. Loved hearing about the area, the history of the hotel. Coffee, muffins, bagels. Tea, hot chocolate. Can they help in any way? Just the friendliest people! Only thing I missed was a little table and lamp on both sides of the bed. There was just one. If we ever get back there, I definitely want to stay at this same place. Loved it! And the price was much more reasonable than other places I checked. Thanks, Yellowstone Village Inn!

Peter Phillips

Privately owned and you can tell. Staff are genuine and friendly. Clean functional rooms. One of the better motels I have stayed in and reasonably priced. No elevator to 2nd floor a slight downer.

Andrew Johnston

Owned by local family who takes pride in the hotel. Overall great experience


Stayed here May 2015. Owned locally. People very nice. Rooms very nice and clean. I give it five stars.
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